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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 19, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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outrage on mlk weekend. alarming flyers are showing up at local yards. what some people found that has authorities investigating. an event battling ptsd and other challenges. homecoming? it's awesome. but with the citizens bank education refinance loan it gets even better. you know those people who pay a little extra and get all the legroom in coach? that could be you, if you refinance your student loans. i can refinance? yes, you could replace your current student loans with one new loan and save money on interest. sounds easy! it is easy! so, treat yourself to something from that in-flight magazine. or save up for a new car, a wedding or a down payment on the home of your dreams. call citizens bank at 1-866-999-0233 or visit fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. ♪ >> right now incredible local video that's taking people's breath away around the globe. a tractor trailer barreling in sliding on the ice with no way to stop.
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all this driver says he can do is watch and record what's happening. good evening, i'm lucy noland. i'm iain page. to night we talk exclusive toll driver caught in the crash. fox 29's satin here with this heart stopping story. >> the video we've been talking about all night long. new jersey state police responding to 400 crashes yesterday one sergeant telling us it was the busiest non snow day for accidents in his 27 years but it was this crash that is now capturing the attention of media worldwide and tonight we were able to track down one of the drivers involved in it. video was first posted on youtube up loaded by someone calling himself are in legal eyes who started recording this while stopped on the new jersey turnpike flipping his phone around when he hears this coming right at him. watching it heart stopping but can you imagine being in this crash? >> i have pretty bad bruise on my leg. my neck, my back. >> we talked by phone to mark
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daniel who was and this is what his dodge pickup truck looked like. he was headed to work on the turnpike in north jersey in the lane to the left on the other side of the guardrail was the tractor trailer. both of them headed southbound when suddenly the tractor trailer lost control on some ice, barreled right over the guardrail and into mark's lane slamming into a black volvo in front of himming see what looks like a fire to that car but mark says it was just blinking lights. >> i saw him go over the -- over the median and he basically jackknifed. he went into the black car that was -- he basically went over the median, took the black car with him the black car went into the settlement wall to the left. >> reporter: as for that volvo with four people inside -- >> the car that got hit head on they were fine. >> you can hear mark's car hit the back of the big rig. >> weed in the back of that
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truck going you know, the speed limit. >> he said miraculously no one was seriously hurt not even the truck driver and maybe the under statement of the day -- >> i think it could have been a lot worse, you know. i think i lucked out. >> reporter: i think he is right. the man who moved that video criticized for awhile for not stopping to help he then posted update saying he did help until police arrived that. part just wasn't recorded. and mark daniel did confirm that that cell phone shooter did stick around following that crash. lucy yes. >> amazing stuff. thank you very much, brad. well on your radar another cold night to mean more slick spots on your morning drive. scott is live on market street hopefully nothing like what we just saw. >> nothing like what we just saw, lucy. in fact temperatures today were above freezing. we saw some wind, so mixing in the atmosphere as well as a lot of drying and evaporating of that moisture but there could still ab few slick spots early tomorrow morning as temperatures will dip below freezing. right now not that cold considering i mean temperatures are in the upper 30s right now. the average high for time time
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of year is 40 degrees. the feels like temperature right around freezing. satellite and radar showing dry conditions across our area. but we have to head all the way to the northern plains we'll be watching a disturbance alberta clipper moving from canada not a whole lost moisture to work with but it will pick up some moisture and bring us a threat for some snowfall. not tonight. it stays cold. there could be a few patchy slick spots especially north and west. tomorrow we'll call it chilly. sun to clouds. high temperatures top out in the low 40s and we'll watch that clipper move in wednesday it look like the timing the second half of the day when i come inside we'll get more specific plus we'll talk about how much snowfall to expect where you live when i have that complete seven day forecast. iain and lucy back to you. >> all right scott thank you. we now know the identity man who died in this massive 60 car pile up on i-76 in montgomery county. he was 31-year-old eric blough from philadelphia. blough's car was one of the first involved in the crash.
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he got out of the car and that's when another vehicle hit him. the pileup injured 30 people. and two people died in this pileup on i-476 i-476 yesterday morning in marple township, delaware county. tractor trailer jackknifed and several cars just could not stop in time. developing right now, one man is dead and two are in extremely critical condition after a shooting in strawberry morning. police tell fox 29 it happened just before 8:00 at 31st and montgomery. a man in this 20s was shot in the head and killed. two other men were shot in the chest and back. no arrests yet. it was one year ago today attempted purse snatching turned into cold-blooded murder. 26-year-old amber long was gunned down right in front of her mother while the two were simply strolling along front street in northern liberties. tonight police are still looking for her killer. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live in northern liberties tonight where amber's friends and family are still searching for answers dave. >> reporter: no doubt about that, lucy.
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this murder rock the city of philadelphia. the 26-year-old woman murdered in front of her mother on the sidewalk behind me here at front and popular. the murder remains unsolved tonight. her friends gathered here to remember amber long. >> everybody liked her. >> reporter: mark noon nine gave to northern liberties monday night to light a candle and place picture at the spot where his friend amber long lost her life one year ago. >> we were very good friends. she always lit up the room everywhere she went. giant smile. >> reporter: amber's murder is still unsolved. a year later friends remembered the aspiring 26-year-old architect who was gunned down here on front street near popular. >> at this point, most of the leads have dried up and we need somebody to step forward. >> reporter: amber was shot to death in front of her mother as the two walked down front street in northern liberties after spending the day together. police believe her killers cased the neighborhood in this car looking for a robbery victim. they were caught on tape as they approached amber and her mother
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to steal their handbags. >> amber's death a year ago tonight was probably one of the most tragic things that i have ever seen. >> we just have to come together and if we come together, we can stop some of these criminals. >> reporter: police continue to track down leads a car similar to the killer's get away vehicle was spotted by a retired cop in west philly. d inform a evidence from two men connected to the car is being analyzed. detectives are also tracking thousands of texts and cell phone calls from towers near the murder scene. >> a lady is laying next to these murderers. a mother is looking for these murderers. someone knows something. >> if you're out there and you know who they are have a heart. you have a mother who sat here and watched her daughter be murdered right in front of her eyes. >> reporter: homicide detectives continue to check text messages and cell phone calls made from this area around the time of the murder. there's a big reward in this case. $47,000 if you have any
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information you should call the homicide unit or the citizens crime commission at 215-546-tips 215-546-tips. iain? >> dave, thank you. a developing story now tonight. a bomb threat at jfk airport in new york. port authority says delta airline flight from san francisco landed just before 8:00 p.m. and was taken to a remote par of the runway to be swept for explosives. passengers were taken by bus to the main terminal where they are being interviewed. the threat was made while the plane was still in the air. no one was hurt and no arrests have been made as of yet. as the nation remembers a man who marched for change and justice. thousands take to the streets of philadelphia demanding the same. their plea, black lives matter. our dave kinchen was with them on independence mall as they remembered dr. martin luther king's activism. >> ♪ >> reporter: bootboy thousand demonstrators marching on independence mall. but to the beat of a new drum
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called reclaiming mlk honoring the life of dr. martin luther king, jr. and his message of unity. >> in order to get anything accomplished you have to stand together. >> reporter: adding a heavy dose of prerogative politics on a holiday usually set aside for service in the name of dr. king these demonstrators say service is not enough. >> i think it's too often forgot forgotten mlk was an ex trolley radical figure. mlk say day of community service. there's nothing wrong with paint painting football fields and feeding the poor. he was a figure known for radical advocacy for looking for social change. >> black lives matter! >> reporter: familiar chant heard here that became a staple after the police involved deaths of eric garner and michael brown last year. >> today we declare that until black lives truly matter in this city business as usual is over! >> reporter: talking about justice for every single body.
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everybody life's is as important as the next person. the event began outside the school district of philadelphia's headquarters highlighting a hallmark issue of the civil rights era. >> dr. king believed in the power of education. he believed that every child regardless of their skin color or their economic status deserved a proper education. >> reporter: they want a stop to stop and frisk policies and a higher minimum wage. >> it is agenda to make change. we are here connected inter faith inter generation al interracial to make clear that we have learned the lessons of inter connectiveness. >> reporter: family of brandon tate brown also made an appearance here. he's the young man killed in an incident involving philadelphia police. his family using this mlk day to demand review of philadelphia police use of force tactics. on independence mall, dave kinchen, fox 29 news.
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vice-president joe biden commemorated the king holiday in wilmington delaware. it's his first appearance after shots were fired outside his greenville home. he spoke at the organization of minority women's king day breakfast. the vice-president made no mention of the incident outside his house. the secret service in new castle county police are investigating. over the weekend flyers promoting the kkk started showing up in the yards of some south jersey homes. all of this happening during the holiday weekend honoring dr. martin luther king, jr. fox 29's shawnette wilson has been talking with residents who cannot believe it. >> i just think it's crazy. >>reportthis couple are shocked to see this photo of what police say someones toed on the front lawns of a lot of homes in egg harbor city. >> it's a very nice neighbor. nobody really does things like that. report roar police got a call about these plastic baggies filled with rice and kkk literature that residents discovered saturday morning. joseph, says he walk outside his home off berger street that
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morning as a police officer was walking the neighborhood collecting the bags. >> cop comes and there's a little bag in my yard he goes and pick it up. i asked him what it was and he said it was something with kkk. >> ted reinhardt is upset to hear someone would do this. he watched from his home as martin luther king celebration was held monday at a church on his street. >> this over tone has got to stop. it's ridiculous. 2015. come a long way since then and i hope we still keep going. >> reporter: police say it's early in the investigation. it's unclear if anyone was targeted or whether the pro kkk messages were left randomly. >> if they doing that, then who knows what else they plan on doing. just like the first first warning or they could be doing because the martin luther king weekend they just want to do it. >> egg harbor city police tell me the same thing is happening in galloway township and mays landing. they also tell me the atlantic county prosecutor' office is investigateing. in egg harbor city, shawnette
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wilson fox 29 news. >> the customer that gave one gas station attendant the shock of his life. he thought it was a joke but what was sticking sticking out this guy's head left the workers inside speechless. pulled over and ticketed all because of a cheeseburger. why one driver says he was targeted out on the road. >> a bible sent to prison inn mat but this was not meant for prayers. what police found when they took a closer look at the good book. and the super bowl sized controversy. did the patriots cheat to get into the big game? we'll show
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♪ skyfox over the willow grove mall tonight. police are looking for the three robbers who ripped off a watch shop. investigators say it happened at the precision watch store right around 8:00 veep tonight when the store was still open. the robbers may have got away in van. no one is hurt. take look at this video much these guys just broke into the k and a check cashing on kensington avenue. police say they got in by cutting a hole in the roof and once they got in the suspects searched the business but get this. they didn't take anything. the two guys took off empty handed. if you've noticeed some storm sewer greats missing we might know why tonight. police arrested two brothers for stealing more than a dozen of those iron greats in our area. upper merion township police say brian and jonathan truly stole 13 greats throughout montgomery county. they say the brothers were hoping to scrap them for money. more people are dying from the flu the delaware department of health is reporting 16 flu deaths statewide this season. that is more than the past three flu seasons combined. and this is goss a lot of people concerned especially with a flu
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vaccine that's proving less effective this season. doctors at lankenau hospital say too many people are waiting too long before they get treatment. we found the office of doctors george martin and sharon, still busy this afternoon. but not so much with patients really sick with the flu. they say the early and difficult flu season may actually taper off sooner than expected. >> it appears at least from cdc reports that the flu season is peaking at this time, so hopefully we'll see less numbers of cases over the next couple of weeks. >> people should still get the flu vaccine if they haven't already gotten it f they do get symptoms of the flu they need to contact their doctor as soon as possible because the medication that's available really only works if it's taken within the first 24 to 48 hours. they shouldn't wait a week. >> the doctor says a number of flu patient has to be admitted to the hospital much it's why doctors keep reminding us cover your cough wash those hands and if you're sick, stay at home.
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counter down is on tonight we know more about the pope's trip to philadelphia. the committee organizing the trip says pope francis will like likely visit either a children's hospital or juvenile prison. he's coming to philadelphia for the world meeting of families. organizers say the pope will most likely attend the last two days of the event on september september 26th and september 27th. and six days in the united states will include a visit to new york city, the united nations and washington, d.c. tomorrow is a big day for tom. he'll be sworn as pennsylvania's 47th governor in an outdoor ceremony tomorrow morning. wolf is the only democrat across the connature to unseat a sitting republican governor last november. he beat tom corbett. wolf's swearing ceremony at noon outside the capitol. the hershey lodge is hosting the post inauguration bash. our bruce gordon is on his way to harrisburg. he will have complete coverage of the ceremony for you tomorrow right her on fox 29. ♪ >> this day the night has been all about honoring martin luther king, jr. many had the day off but for
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hundreds of thousands it was a day on to make a difference. our bruce gordon was at the largest day of service in the nation at philadelphia's girard college. >> reporter: if i didn't know i'd swear the armory at girard college was host something kind of indoor children's picnic. take closer look. this wasn't all fun and games. instead hundreds of volunteers from all over the region putting their day off work or school, to good use. helping others. they were knitting hats and scarves for folks living in shelters. their work seemed to give them warm feeling. >> put a smile on somebody's face. other people that less fortunate that somebody else does here. >> not far i was it these members were writing letters to military families. retired parents and kids the idea was to let them know their service 365 days year was not forgotten. >> it might be something nice, something to pick them up,
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something they don't expect. you know, you can get a phone call but sometimes it's nice just to sit down and read a complete stranger really appreciates all that you're offering. >> reporter: back in the corner hab for humanity volunteers were helping kids build plants for use in habitat homes and here at girard. >> makes you feel good inside. >> reporter: why is that. >> because i mean, like people gave so much to me i want to give back. help somebody out. >> reporter: around the gym looking down on this beehive of activity with pride images of dr. king. the event organizer king was a champion of act. >> on this day that we embrace his legacy and turn community concerns in citizen action we hope that it is one day a volunteering that gets turned into a lifetime of service. >> reporter: challenge of that message will present itself soon enough. this holiday is over, the music fades and the speeches end
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volunteers head back to work or school. army of compassion could change the world. one community at a time. will it? at girard college bruce gordon fox 29 news. across the nation dr. king was remembered for the work he did to change a nation in washington d.c. president obama participated in a service project at the boys and girls club. the president and his first lady michelle obama and their daughter malia helped assemble care packages for kids working on reading and they worked on art projects with several kids. meanwhile the president will address the nation in his state of the union tomorrow night. you can watch it right here on fox 29 beginning at 9:00 p.m. and then of course be sure to stay tuned for the fox 29 news at 10:00. >> scary discover row had a children's play ground. razor blades hidden in the grass. >> people come down to the beach to have a good time they have to worry about razor blades in the park with the kids. >> it's not the first time. the clue that police hope leads
10:21 pm
them to the folks behind. flames immerse a $9 million mansion. dozens of firefighters battling the inferno. tonight the mystery unfolding where is the owner? >> plus, stray cat to the rescue rescue. how this special kitty saved newborn baby's live. ♪
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♪ deadly crash on icy roads in chicago and to get to the caress
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chewers had to risk breaking through the ice of a loo goon. the car lost control on lake shore drive, veered off overturned again and again stopping on top of the ice. a man and woman were trapped inside and rescuers had to gingerly work to get to them. they cut through the car to get them out. the woman died at the hospital. and the man is in critical condition tonight. investigators are still looking into what happened. six people still missing after a four harm blaze destroyed a 16,000 square foot mansion in annapolis maryland. the massive fire broke out around 3:30 this morning almost firefighters battled the flames with fire boats arriving to help in the fight. the fire broke out in the home's second floor. at this time right now it's still unclear whether the six people who were unaccounted for were actually home at the time of the fire. dubbed the modern day bonnie and clyde one half of that do you woe is heading back to his home state of kentucky. 18 year old dalton hayes appeared in a panama city florida courtroom today. he waived formal extradition hearing.
10:25 pm
police found him and his 13 year old girlfriend shy end phillips sleeping in a stolen truck yesterday morning. authorities expect to charge hayes wis burglary, theft and tress bag. maybe other charges considering his girlfriend is 13. she faces charges in juvenile court. authorities say the pair crossed five states stealing trucks and forging checks. well a lot more than skip cher in at least one bible. >> police buffed two people for trying to smuggle heroin into an ohio jail in its very pages. officer and his k9 partner zeroed in on a suspicious package in dose as part of a standard sweep of deliveries but there was no standard delivery here. the k9 officer alerted and police sent the bible inside off for testing. the only thing that looked slightly odd about the bible though is just a coffee like stain. >> it really didn't even look out of the ordinary. there was nothing else in the bible at all other than that one little stain on one page. >> police say the bible had about 30 to 40 hits of heroin in
10:26 pm
it. a veteran with a troubled past battling ptsd and bile polar disorder spiraling out of control until finds martial arts. his inspiring turn around he hopes can help other vets struggling to copy. scott. >> right now it's dry and quiet but coming up i have the latest timing as well as expected snowfall for a clipper headed this way later this week. >> major blow to tiger woods. million dollar smile. the mishap that knocked out one of his teeth. ♪
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>> right now at 10:30fbi has given the all clear after a bomb threat at jfk airport. the port authority says delta airlines flight from san francisco land the just before 8:00 and taken to row moat part of the runway to be swept for explosives. passengers were taken by bus to the main terminal to be interviewed. the threat was made while the plane was still in the air. the fbi tweeted the all clear. no arrests have been made. >> the search is on for this man
10:30 pm
man. philadelphia police say he rob the store at 15th and walnut last wednesday. surveillance video shows the man looking like he's getting ared to pay for the stuff then flashing a handgun. he took off from the store with three pairs of shoes and an undisclosed amount of cash. if you have any information call police. alabama guy has got a beef with some georgia laws. he got a ticket for eating while driving there. he got a ticket for kind of eating a cheeseburger while he was behind the wheel. >> fox's denise dylan explains why he's so hot unthe collar. >> eating in the car is part of the american way of life. >> reporter: madison turner on the go all day. by late afternoon he was starving and pulled into this mc didn't nam's in could be county. >> food in hand he headed down the highway enjoying his double quarter pounder with cheese. that's when he was busted. >> he pulled me over. report roar the charge, right here on the ticket. eating while driving.
10:31 pm
turner has beef with that. he says he knows georgia has a distracted driving law but doesn't think eating should be inn clue. >> for most of us i think we can safely eat a burger and drive our cars at the same time. >> reporter: turner swears he wasn't driving erratically or doing anything else behind the wheel that would draw attention. >> not tweeting. nor skyping or playing video games. >> reporter: driving down the road. >> just driving. >> reporter: in the middle of the afternoon. >> and hunching. >> he told the officer he put his down burger drive with both hasn't the wheel and never do it again. but he couldn't talk his way out of the ticket. >> so now he plans to fight it. >> i stand by the right of every american to enjoy delicious fast food while they safely traverse the roadways. >> all righty. i do like my french fries stay awake on long road trips. string of 53 burglaries.
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delaware state police have caught the two men behind those hits in kent and sussex counties. 27-year-old kevin trotter and 4884 old nathaniel gibbs now face more than 160 charges. police say the two targeted targeted homes under construction oren novation and would steal the appliances. 11-year-old california boy is being called a hero after a fun family hike goes terribly wrong. jake pritchard helped save his father's life after he fell off cliff. the 11-year-old boy remained calm and somehow unlock his dad's phone during the whole ordeal all while remembering what he learned in boy scouts to call 911 in an emergency. after several dropped calls jake finally got through to a dispatcher who figured out the county he was in and she told him what to do next. >> she told mow to take off one shoe and wave it around and i did. it got the helicopter' attention. >> after two hours jack's dad ryan was airlifted to an area hospital. suffered several injuries but he is doing okay.
10:33 pm
jake is now being honored by the california highway patrol for his heroism. speaking of heroes stray cat in russia now hailed a hero for saving an abandoned baby. villagers hurt the cat crying. she wouldn't stop when they found her she was using her body to keep a newborn boy warm and russia's deep freeze. the baby's parents left him in a box in a building's entryway. the newborn at the hospital. doctors say you can see he's healthy no signs of abuse and the villagers are taking care of that kitty. >> what is on your radar tonight. pretty warm out there. we shouldn't get too used it to, scott. >> iain, warm, 39 degrees? i got to write this down and keep a record of it. 39 degrees right now. winds are out of the west at about 10 miles per hour. so not that bad. i mean 40 degrees that's our average high for this time of year. the feels like temperature were you factor in that whipped right around 32 degrees. it's 37 in atlantic city. upper 30s in trenton. we have upper theirs north and west. 29 degrees currently in the
10:34 pm
pocono mountains. so for tonight it's cold. temperatures probably below freezing especially north and west still could be some patchy slick spots. watch out for that. sun to clouds tomorrow. so we'll call it partly sunny high temperatures again not that bad in the low 40s. and then really the middle of week we watch for that wintry mix from a clipper system that's going to be moving from canada and headed in our direction. not a whole lot of moisture with it but it will bring some accumulating snow. so satellite and radar right now is dry and quiet. but this general area this is where we're watching that clipper not a whole lot of moisture right now but it will gather during the day tomorrow and especially wednesday. so watch the timing. you can see by 3:00 in the afternoon pittsburgh, the central part of the state looking at some of that snow and then it starts to move toward our area for the wednesday evening commute and we're looking at the potential for once again several inches of snow. so we'll time everything out for you. you can see watching that moisture gather tomorrow during the day and then into wednesday.
10:35 pm
around parts of great lakes. so by 6:00 o'clock it starts to move into our area. this is once again wednesday afternoon and evening. north and west continuing to move toward the i-95 i-95 corridor into parts of south jersey late wednesday night into early thursday morning. that snowfall will continue and then taper off. so that window, 6:00 p.m. wednesday until 6am thursday, we're looking at several inches of snowfall possible across our area. likely one to 2-inches for philadelphia. higher amounts once you move north and west. sue sr. yo of course will update that forecast beginning tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. but low 40s for his tomorrow. we're looking at mid 30s on wednesday with that wintry mix arriving late in the day. likely continuing into early thursday. so the main impacts wednesday evening commutes and overnight folks headed to third shift and then again thursday morning with that system. >> all right.
10:36 pm
thank you scott. we appreciate it. >> take a good look at this guy. the convenience store clerk actually thought it was a joke but that's really something stuck in his head. what he asked the clerk before he call employees. >> something many of us depend on why using that wi-fi do could maybe be putting your children in danger a popular hiphop group calling to you for help. why tlc says you're their last chance for them to make music agai
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♪ a tooth less tiger. look at tiger woods. he's a golfer. >> got a couple teeth left. >> i hope he has good benefits. he was over in italy at the alpine skiing world cup when a photographer knock out one of his front teeth because he kind of surprised his girl friend. i'll get to that in minute all those people there and he turned around boom there goes his tooth. you can see the gap in his mouth. he was on hasn't at the skiing world cup to cheer on his girlfriend lindsay von who broke the world record for most world cup wins. >> without the tooth maybe he's good luck. >> in your money tlc is taking unconventional approach oh to getting final album made. tlc turning to you the fans to
10:40 pm
help raise some cash. the group launched launched the fundraiser on kicks starter. they hope to round up 150 thus san dollars. the group is promiseing vip tickets to concerts and personalized voicemails for donations they are hoping to row lease that album in may. a team of researchers is using an unusual form of technology to catch potential problems at airport screenings. >> they're using a video game scientists from duke university teamed up with the creators from the video game airport scanner. the goal to eliminate errors in real world bag catch screenings. players look for a illegal stuff the legal common objects are often missed. mobile game allows ree searchers to see why some contraband is overlooked although tsa won't comment the hope is to incorporate airport scanner into future projects. >> right now it's providing us date to to look at research questions but it has the potential to also be a great
10:41 pm
tool for assessing performance for training and even for recruiting. >> scientist say this type of video game research can improve life and death procedures from search and rescues to cans sr. detection. >> scary discovery had a children's play ground. razor blades hidden in the grass and it's not the first time. the clue police hope leads them to the the people behind it. and a veteran with troubled past battling ptsd and bipolar disorder spiraling out of control until he found martial arts. his and spying turn around he hopes can help other vets struggling to cope. >> listen to this. a five-year-old handed handed a bill for missing his friend's birthday party. iain, would you pay on this. >> no. >> you know what, one mom she's
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why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with efficiency? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us. the xc60 crossover. from volvo. lease the well-equipped volvo xc60 today. visit your local volvo showroom for details. ♪ someone is planting razor blades around playground in san diego. several more razor blades were found in grass around the playground this morning. >> police are trying to catch whoever is doing it before they strike again. jason sloss has the story. >> relaxing sunday brought to a halt after the discovery of more razor blades planted in the
10:45 pm
grass near a playground. >> that's really evil. i don't know who would do such a thing. >> my daughter was asking if she can go play over there while we fly the kite. >> transient spotted blades sticking out of the ground then alerted park rangers who called police around noon. officers closed off the area for about two hours as they checked play ground equipment and carefully searched through standing grass with metal detectors they found at least five blades in the grass and another in a receptacle. >> no, there's in chance they're leftovers. they appear to be, v been placed there within the last 24 hours. >> reporter: we'll look at the razor blades and we'll see if there's any evidence such as fingerprints or dna evidence that we can obtain from the razor blades and follow up from there. >> reporter: police have been frustrate beside a string of incidents at the park that go back to the summer of 2013 when one woman cut her foot on blade and last april 19 blades were found near the playground, two boys were hurt after stepping on them.
10:46 pm
>> it's lame lame. penal come down to the beach to have a good time haven't to worry about razor blades in the park with kids. whoever is doing it, stop. you're an idiot. >> at this point we don't have suspect information but our investigators are working on it and hopefully sometime in the near future we'll have an idea of who is doing this. >> police don't know if all these cases are connected. no arrests. >> the video we're about to show you may look like part of a halloween costume but it is no joke and eighths little bit graphic. take look at this guy he's got a metal rod stuck in his head. we blurred it out much it is graphic. 23-year-old walked in a gas station in new zealand with the rod in his head bloodstreaming down his face he calmed asked the cashier to use his phone to call police. telling him he was tacked. meantime the cashier thought it was joke. the man eventually was airlift to do local hospital where he's now listed in serious condition. >> for one local marine life was a series of set backs disappointments and obstacles. a constant struggle to overcome
10:47 pm
physical and emotional damage until the martial arts gave him an outlet to cope with his mental illness and helped him row build his life. >> roberts is 4284 old. fit and up tense. looking at him now it's hard to tell how much trauma he's seen since he was young. robert's childed when wasn't pretty. his father committed suicide when he was just 10. his stepfather beat him and his mother relentlessly. >> i have one vivid memory of him beating my mom because she couldn't open up the door. at the front gate to park the car in the lot. he through the tv down the stairs. purged holes in the wall. my brother was beat. that went on for about 13 years. >> robert joined the marines in 1991 to escape the abuse. and find a purpose. but thing got worse. he was always getting into fights and couldn't get along with others. he was honorablely discharged in
10:48 pm
1996. next he tried college but he was always fighting with professors. unable to maintain any healthy relationships. so he went looking for answers at a va hospital. and learned he had ptsd. >> thoughts would go through my head. my father was schizophrenic that is gentlemen ticket. >> cosmo as he's known also learned he was bipolar. >> bipolar that rocked me because, you know, bipolar is queue coo. the medication made me a system bee. made mow a different person. >> three years ago cosmo found brazilian sue sit sue it's done what medications can't. >> now i have balance. i feel grounded and it's great. i'm not going to stop. >> cosmo trains at princeton ju jitsu five or six times a week and the work has paid off he's a purple belt already and currently ranked third in the world. jew sit sue has changed his life. >> it's got a lot of therapeutic qualities to it w they step
10:49 pm
through the doors of the school it's almost like they go into auto pilot and every fear and worry and crazy things stops at the door. >> cosmo says it also gives him a sense of comradery just like when he was in the marine car. >> kind of like a family. you have to trust these people because you're facing yourself in a situation where you can get hurt. >> the same thing in the marine corps. if you can't trust the person behind you god for bid something could happen. >> these right here are really good just as big one notch underworld. >> cosmo isn't just act selling. >> that was the heavy one. >> he wants to inspire other veterans. >> once you do it, no stopping. >> we caught up were you him recently talking with vets in the rehab center at va hospital in philadelphia. >> my goal is to inspire people to find something maybe get involved in an activity. one day when i'm sitting in my rocking chair i wanting to ooh help changed the world a bit.
10:50 pm
>> cosmo's journey continues he's due for a promotion. his next belt weren't brown. takes people five to eight years he's been at it for just over three. impressive g yes, that is. fantastic. good stuff. researchers say wi-fi exposure for children is more dangerous than first thought. a survey of a peer review scientific journal says children are at a higher risk from devices that radiate micro waves waves. the study says children are more prone to absorb the radiation compared to adults because their bodies are smaller and that are skulls are thinner. experts are recommending limiting expo exposure to device devices whenever possible. >> it's everywhere. >> one dad is shocked to find a bill in his 584 old son's backpack demanding a no show fee for another child's birthday party. >> derek nash says another parent stuck an invoice for 24
10:51 pm
bucks in his son's backpack. the english dad told the bb eighty three he initially septembered the party invitation but he later realized his son was going to visit his grandparents that day. so he says he didn't have any contact information for the birthday boy's mom. well nash says that mom is threatening to take him to small claims court but he's got no intention of paying her the 24 bucks for not showing up. >> it's rather interesting. >> just bizarre. >> howard eskin. >> i find it ridiculous. >> yes. >> it's not been a good day for any of the local teams whether it be pro or college. and in some cases very ugly. the eagles they don't have a vp of player person until for chip kelly but today a lot of movement with
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
♪ with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region you have the power to do more. independence blue cross. live fearless. what's with the suit? oh, i had to go to the bank. if you look legit they give you special treatment. seriously? seriously, yeah. the banker dude set up my checking account so if i make one deposit a month,
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no monthly maintenance fee. special treatment! citizens bank, right? yep. you know they do that one deposit checking thing for everyone, right? got mustard on your suit. actually, it's your suit. one deposit checking. only from citizens bank. one deposit of any amount each statement period waives the monthly maintenance fee. ♪ cooperate fully with whatever the league -- whatever sessions they ask us. whatever they want us to do. >> sure you will. i'm happy to hear bell belicheck will cooperate with the deflate gate in the league. i still don't trust the guy. the investigation going on is whether the new england head coach belicheck deflate footballs used by his team's officer owns in yesterday's cold and rainy game. by allegedly cheating, allegedly, the ball somewhat being deflated it makes you easier for the quarterback tom brady to grip the football and for the receivers to catch it. what people should understand as
10:55 pm
each team uses their own footballs while on offense. they are checked bite officials before the game but it's easy to take some air out of the balls afterward. at a point in the third quarter the officials appear to question the balls as well. and the announcers new something was wrong. >> none of us know why it was held up. now they're set ready to go. >> if it wasn't story a tv -- story tv person in indianapolis broke. can't change the game. that will be fines and loss of draft pick. >> chip kelly at the senior ball without a vice-president of player personnel. but there was scouting department there. now the eagles also lost quarterback coach bill musgrave tonight when he septembered a job with the oakland raiders to become thereof finance seive coordinator, and eagles made couple of other coaching changes defensive backs coach john love have it and ted williams will both be working in the team's scouting depth.
10:56 pm
and add another eagle to the pro bowl. code did he parkey might have been the 975th player added to this pro bowl to row place the patriots -- i'm being sarcastic steven cos could you ski. he will be playing in the super bowl for the patriots. there must be 15. villanova playing a tough one on the road tonight. this is gentleman brill tray wick with the three. would you believe georgetown up by 23 at the half now lead 60- 60-49 -- 60 to 45 with about eight minutes left in the second half. and how about those 76ers? they are just wonderful. michael carter williams two tour 13 today. this brick led to a bad sykes sick social security defense. they lost by 35 points to washington. 111-76. the flyers were no show as well to long island. the flyers down three-one in the second. and here the islanders make it four-one. bad flyer defense almost the and tire day. josh bailey score.
10:57 pm
the flyers are really bad this year and they lose it, seven to four. not a good day for the local teams. >> they took the holiday off. >> tmz is coming up next at 11:00. we're bright and early -- actually dark and early at she inspires you. no question about that.
10:58 pm
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11:00 pm
>> today on "tmz" -- >> there was a huge flare-up between israel and lebanon on the runway. >> miss israel took a photo with miss lebanon. miss lebanon reposted the photo and cropped out miss israel. she basically came out and said she only wanted a photo with miss japan and miss slovenia. >> so they went into her territory. [laughter] >> for the first time ever there's a photo of tiger woods without his fake tooth in his mouth. he went to see lindsey vonn compete in a skiing competition and he showed up in disguise. >> but he kissed lindsey vonn. so he knows everybody will think it's him. >> i think it was to surprise her bottom of the hill. >> lindsey, lindsey! >> lindsey, lindsey! >> the coast guard is pissed at "workaholics. duri


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